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Horsemanship The Natural Way
is a step by step program
designed to help each student learn how
to be the best horseman you can be
and mold your horse into a safe, responsive, obedient companion,
at your own pace and
having fun in the process!

Karen has been teaching natural horsemanship for over 35 years.
Welcome to horsemen and horsewomen of all ages, levels and disciplines
and all breeds of horses!

Call Karen 559 259 4605, fariaranch@copper.net

CHA Triple Certified Instructor
English, Jumping & Western
CBST Certified
Offering quality step by step instruction and training
at the Faria Ranch in Prather, CA.
the Silver Rose Ranch in Clovis, CA. or your place
Beginners to Advanced
Program is at your own pace, safety is foremost and fun is a must!
Specializing in building confidence and harmony,
perfecting performance and communication
More information about CHA: CHA-AHSE.org

Promoting safety and excellence in horsemanship
For the good of the horseman For the good of the horse